Enjoy A

This program is designed for kindergarten children where fun and play still dominate their entire day.  Early introduction to the English language for this age group have many benefits.  It is not only that the children may learn to pronounce the words like a native speaker but they learn easier and they enjoy language learning as it is centred around play.  Activities using songs, rhymes, puppetry, role-playing as well as arts & crafts will be utilized to encourage language development and to make learning fun.  They will learn to play games that are useful to learn the English language.  Children in this age group will be taught to speak and understand English.  They will learn vocabulary dealing with greetings, colours, animals, food, body parts and clothing, etc. using a theme-based approach.  Seasonal themes that are meaningful to the children will be in the program.  Fun activities surrounding all the themes will make learning more relevant to the children and, therefore, more memorable.