Globalization is the new future where the English language plays the central role.  Children should be given the opportunity to learn this language at an early age and our goal is to provide an enjoyable environment in learning the English language.  Every individual is motivated to learn only when the experience of learning is fun and memorable.  Recognizing this important element, all our programs are designed by integrating fun and joy into the heart of our activities.  Every individual will travel to an unknown world where only English words are seen, spoken and heard.

Beginning with primary school and all the way to adulthood, many programs are offered to suit the needs and maturity of everyone.  All programs are taught in a small group setting where the opportunity to interact and communicate in the English language is provided.

All these programs are taught by a native speaker and competent teacher of English as a foreign language (TEFL, TEYL) who has vast experiences in a globalized world.